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Sunburst Laundry Detergent

Sunburst Laundry Detergent: only for traditional washing machines

Hydrogen peroxide and a variety of ingredients, including d'Limonene work together to leave your clothes cleaner and brighter.  Effective in removing cosmetic stains, oil, grease and dirt stains. Only for traditional washing machines.

For a regular wash load use up to 60ml (4 tablespoons)

For extra dirty clothes use up to 90ml (6 tablespoons)


Sunburst contains grease cutters, water softening agents, dirt suspension agents to prevent re-deposition of the dirt. 

Contains optical brighteners for the clothes to look cleaner and more brighter.

Sunburst also helps to soften the water.

We hope this guide will assist you:

2K Pail Sunburst up to 33 uses
4K Pail Sunburst up to 66 uses
20K Pail Sunburst up to 333 uses