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Red Marvel Bathroom Cleaner


Just what you have always wanted, one product to clean your entire bathroom! Red Marvel cleans, deodorizes and shines every bathroom surface removing soap scum, hard water scale and rust. Biodegradable. Safe to use on many surfaces; this is a must have for all bathrooms.  Considered dangerous good. We cannot ship this out via regular post  Read More








Septi Saver

Automatic Septic Tank Waste Digester & Toilet Bowl Cleaner


Septi Saver - Biodegradable, non-polluting, non-corrosive. tints the water blue. Read More









TST Tub-Sink-Tile

Citrus Cleaner With Sanitizer


A newly developed ALL IN ONE product which will CLEAN, SANITIZE and DEODORIZE. Biodegradable. TST will clean dirt and grease from appliances, walls, floors, driveways, engines, car interiors and almost any hard surfaces. Read More






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