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In our own humble way, we have set out to replace hazardous, toxic cleaning products in every ones homes and work places.

Nature Power All Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser


NATURE POWER is an all purpose cleaner/degreaser and biodegradable. Highly concentrated in nature. Made with citrus extract, Nature Power is great for cutting through tough dirt, grease and stains. Safe to use on walls, floors, counter tops, machinery, appliances and much more, this all purpose cleaner is your one stop shop to a clean and beautiful home. Read More





Peel Power Degreaser & Cleaner

Natural Citrus Degreaser/Cleaner


Peel Power is an environmentally friendly, biodegradable and 100% active natural citrus degreaser/cleaner and deodorizer and completely water soluble. Peel Power is safe to use on concrete stains, tar, floors, kitchen counters, bathrooms and much more. This all purpose cleaner has one word of caution - Dilute-Dilute-Dilute. Read More





Ship Shape Cream Cleanser

Cream Cleanser


If you're tired of the harsh scouring chemicals used in some other products, we have a great alternative for you! Ship Shape is a creamy, sanitizing, polishing agent with free rinsing properties. Perfect for tubs, sinks, scuff marks, appliances and more. Biodegradable and environmentally friendly, this product does not leave any messy film to attract dirt and is harmless to hands. Read More






Spray & Wipe All Purpose Cleaner

"Ready to Use"


Spray & Wipe is a special product perfectly suited for use in any high traffic area where a light touch up of Spray & Wipe is needed to keep and give a clean professional image. Biodegradable and environmentally friendly, this product can be used all over the house or office for a clean, fresh look. Read More






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