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The Soap Exchange Nanaimo

Leaders in Environmental, Safe Cleaning Technology

If you could buy a product that cleaned your house better than any other you had ever used and that product contained no harsh chemicals to pollute the environment or make your eyes water, wouldn't you buy it? And if you knew that same product was no more expensive than what you are using right now?

Welcome to The Soap Exchange Nanaimo at Country Club Centre near Save-On-Foods. Barry and Shirley Reid opened The Soap Exchange inside the mall in 1998 and in 2002 moved to the outside of the mall where it has continued to grow and expand. Expansion includes more aromatherapy products including essential oils, soy wax and beeswax candles and natural aids for migraine and snoring.

The Gifts from the Earth include jewellery of Hematite, Polished Stone and Semi-Precious Stone. The Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps and Selenite Lamps are just two more of the natural gifts you can find a The Soap Exchange.

The anchor of the store is the remarkable line of biodegradable cleaning products for every need you have from washing your hair to washing your car, from cleaning your carpet to cleaning your hands, from shining your windows to shining your bathroom tiles.

Many people have severe health and allergic reactions to harsh chemical cleaners. The Soap Exchange can replace all of those harsh chemical cleaners with safe products that will not trigger allergy, asthma and skin irritation episodes.

A big source of skin irritation actually comes from the clothes on your back. You wash your laundry in harsh chemicals which leave a residue on your clothes, your clothing is next to your skin 24 hours a day. When you sleep, you're sleeping on sheets with chemical residues. The Soap Exchange products are free of harsh chemicals, oils and fillers. Many fillers out there contain petrochemical by-products.

In the personal care line the hair shampoo and conditioner are very popular. Made in Vancouver, specifically made for The Soap Exchange is free of SLS (Sodium Laurel Sulphate) Parabens, Thialates and other harsh chemicals. You know - the ones that are on the news every other night.

There is a choice out there and we have it at The Soap Exchange Nanaimo. Products that are safe for the environment as well as for you.

Store Hours at Country Club Centre, Nanaimo

Monday - Saturday 9:30am - 5:30pm
Sunday 11:00am - 5:00pm
Closed all Statutory Holidays

Telephone # 250-751-3329
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