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If you know exactly what you would like, please allow the staff to get you your product or refill. If you are wishing to come in and browse our crystal selection, oils, and more, please politely ask any staff member and we will be happy to let you in following our temporary rules and guidelines.
At this time we ask that all returned bottles are thoroughly washed out in order to keep staff and other customers safe.
Key Cutting is still available.
Our Thermax Carpet Cleaning Machine is currently not being rented out due to the pandemic.
Although we are preferring debit/credit card payments, cash is still accepted.
If you would prefer to pick up and have the product paid for in advance, both credit card and e-transfer are accepted. Please note that Visa Debit does not work at this time for prepayment.
Thank you for following our guidelines to keep everyone safe during these times and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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If you could buy a product that cleaned your house better than any other you had ever used and that product...

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