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Ultra Dry


SPOT FREE DRYING:  The chemistry of water results in a high surface tension which causes water to "cling to itself" in droplets.  ULTRA DRY breaks and lowers this Surface tension preventing drop formation.  The result is that rinse water runs off glasses, dishes, silverware much more rapidly and readily, thus promoting rapid, spot free drying.  This is especially beneficial in glass washing machines where spotting is more noticeable.

ECONOMICAL:  Ultra Dry is highly concentrated and therefore you use less for great cost savings and great results.

EFFECTIVE:  Ultra Dry works very effectively even in hard water.  No residual odour.

USAGE DIRECTIONS:  Add Ultra Dry directly to rinse dispensing unit in the dishwasher.  Fill the rinse dispenser unit according to the manufacturer's directions.  Ultra Dry can be added manually to dishwashers without dispensers.  Use 2 to 3 teaspoons.

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