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Ultra Dish Chlorine Free

Formulated to provide maximum stain prevention on plastic and china.  Use on utensils, aluminum trays, plastic ware, chinaware and glasses.  When dissolved in water, it removes embedded stains and sanitizes in one operation.


Leaves no unpleasant odour on dishes and glasses

Contains no Chlorine.

Outstanding foam control and free-rinsing. 

USAGE DIRECTIONS:  Rinse and remove large food particles from dishes.  Rack dishes and utensils carefully and make sure that soiled surfaces face the water spray.  Use 10-15 ml ofUltra Dish  per load.  Distribute evenly between soap trays. Store in a cool, dry place.  Keep tightly covered when not in use.

We hope this guide will assist you.

500g Ultra Dish Chlorine Free--approximately 33 Uses

1K    Ultra Dish Chlorine Free--approximately 66 Uses                 

2K    Ultra Dish Chlorine Free--approximately 132 Uses               

4K    Ultra Dish Chlorine Free--approximately 264 Uses                

20K   Ultra Dish Chlorine Free--approximately 1333 Uses

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