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Ultra Dish Chlorinated

Formulated to provide maximum stain prevention on plastic and china.  Use on utensils, aluminum trays, plastic ware, chinaware and glasses.  When dissolved in water a sufficient amount of chlorine is released to remove embedded stains and sanitize in one operation.


Contains 1.3% available Chlorine.

Leaves no unpleasant odour on dishes and glasses.

Outstanding foam control and free-rinsing. 

USAGE DIRECTIONS:  Rinse and remove large food particles from dishes.  Rack dishes and utensils carefully and make sure that soiled surfaces face the water spray.  Use 10-15 ml ofUltra Dish per load.  Distribute evenly between soap trays.

Store in a cool, dry place.  Keep tightly covered when not in use.  Keep away from children.

We hope this guide will assist you.

500g Ultra Dish Chlorinated--approximately 33 Uses

1K    Ultra Dish Chlorinated--approximately 66 Uses

2K    Ultra Dish Chlorinated--approximately 132 Uses

4K    Ultra Dish Chlorinated--approximately 264 Uses

20K  Ultra Dish Chlorinated--approximately 1333 Uses

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