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Floor Shine

Floor Shine is recommended for use on all floors including terrazzo, marble, asphalt tile, vinyl tile, asbestos tile, linoleum, cork, cement and all other types of composition flooring.


SELF LEVELLING:   Floor Shine has remarkable self-levelling properties, insures a smooth uniform film even when applied over previously finished areas.  Permits spot maintenance without visible overlap.

DURABILITY:   Floor Shine is extremely resistant to buffing, traffic, detergents and humidity.

SLIP RESISTANT:   Floor Shine dries to a solid film, giving tremendous resistance to slipping as the soft wax gives when struck by a sharp object such as heel of a shoe.  

SCRUB PROOF:   Floor Shine can be scrubbed between applications without removing the finish.  It may be cleaned in any of the normal ways without fear of damage or removal.

NON-YELLOWING:   Floor Shine gives a permanently transparent finish that will not turn yellow or cloudy.

ECONOMICAL:  Floor Shine  saves time, energy and labour like no other buff able floor finish.  Its outstanding durability combined with the freedom it gives from complete re-stripping and refinishing to repair small worn areas, brings tremendous labour savings.  It is widely used in department stores, institutions and public buildings, where appearance is important and traffic is heavy.

USAGE DIRECTIONS:  Apply Floor Shine  with a clean  applicator or a yarn mop.  The finish should be spread in even strokes over the entire floor area.  Under normal conditions, drying time will be about 30 minutes.  For a higher lustre, Floor Shine should be applied as above and allowed to dry. Then apply a second coat. Buff for a harder shiny surface.

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