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Carpet Clean Shampoo


Carpet Clean helps restore carpets to original colour and beauty.  It penetrates deeply and quickly emulsifies to remove dirt and stains.

Carpet Clean is low foaming so your carpet is not being penetrated with excess soap.

Your carpet is safe from carpet shrinkage because Carpet Clean is formulated for use with hot or cold water.

Carpet Clean contains special soil resistant chemicals to seal fibres against heavy soiling. Brightening agents make carpet colours come alive. 

Fast working special formulation is designed to allow properly treated areas to be used within 3-4 hours.

USAGE DIRECTIONS:  Move furniture from area to be cleaned or place a small square of aluminum foil under furniture legs to prevent staining.  Vacuum carpet. Prepare a solution with 1 part Carpet Clean to 15 parts cold water.  Spot clean stains.  Using only enough solution to produce a light foam. Completely shampoo the carpet - do not soak.  Allow carpet to dry thoroughly and then replace furniture back.

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