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Septi Saver

This concentration of bio-enzymatic agents, cleaning detergents, and odour neutralizers is just what the plumber ordered for your toilet bowl and septic tank. With every flush, the effective enzymatic activity not only keeps your toilet clean, but conditions your septic tank and keeps pipes flowing freely. No septic tank? No problem. Keep costly repairs and embarrassing overflows to a minimum with a little preventative maintenance. 

Septi Saver contains only natural ingredients. Septi Saver treats dead septic systems and extends the septic systems life. It keeps the system working properly. Septi Saver contains powerful enzymatic action that breaks down solid organic wastes. Septi Saver is safe for pipes and plumbing. Septi Saver is also an excellent toilet bowl cleaner.

Septi Saver helps to clean the scales and smelly micro-organisms in the toilet as well as cleans the jet stream of the toilet which helps the toilet run properly.

Septi Saver will last approximately 4-5 months in a house hold toilet. (depending on the amount of use)


Remove from cellophane. Flush the toilet and place Septi Saver inside tank away from any toilet mechanism. Flush the toilet again and the Septi Saver starts working.

To Remove, flush toilet, lift Septi Saver above water level, drain contents and place in a plastic bag for disposal.

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