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Red Marvel Bathroom Cleaner

RED MARVEL is a concentrated, biodegradable, creamy solution for safely cleaning bathroom bowls and basins without corrosive fumes or dangerous muriatic acid that endangers chrome and metal fittings.

It has been specially developed for fast but safe cleaning of all wash basin, tub and bowl surfaces including chrome, porcelain, and porcelain enamel.  Removes hard water scale, rust, lime deposits, soap,  scum etc., from most surfaces.  Its clinging formula helps to quickly penetrate badly accumulated organic stains.

Considered dangerous good. We cannot ship this out via regular post


EFFECTIVE: Special formula allows deep penetration into surfaces.  Washes  away odour-causing bacteria and germs.  Dissolves rust and hard water scale and soap scum.

SAFE: Safe on bowl surfaces and does not harm chrome as long as it is not allowed to remain on the surface for more than 30 seconds. 

QUICK: No second application is required and usage of Red Marvel cuts the cleaning time in time in half.


Porcelain: Dilute Red Marvel with equal amounts of water to remove rust and soap scum.. Do not let stand on porcelain surfaces.  Swab area and rinse thoroughly and immediately.

Toilets: Flush, then use a plunger or other method to remove most of the water.  Squeeze a stream of Red Marvel on the surface and spread with a bowl swab.  Let Red Marvel react for 3 to 5 minutes.  Then start at the top and swab down into trap and leave to help eliminate odours.

Ceramic Tile: Dilute Red Marvel with 2 parts water.  Swab over area to be cleaned, agitate, if necessary and rinse thoroughly.

NOTE: Do not use RED MARVEL on Aluminum, Tin, Galvanized Zinc, Magnesium or Brass plated surfaces.  Also do not use on marble. If contact occurs, rinse thoroughly and immediately.  Do not let stand on Chrome surfaces, should be rinsed away within 30 seconds.  Never mix with other chemicals.

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