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Peel Power Degreaser & Cleaner

This powerful citrus degreaser is perfect for all those tough greasy messes around the garage and house. Peel Power is safe to use on concrete stains, tar, floors, kitchen counters, bathrooms and much more. 100% biodegradable and completely water soluble, how much better does it get!

Peel Power is not designed to be used in the concentrated form.

Peel Power is made from citrus peel and seeds. This oil gives the cleaner its powerful concentrated cleaning formula. The oil extracted from the citrus peel is called d'limonene and has been proven to be much more than an emulsifier. d'limonene is also an insecticide, herbicide, fungicide and mildew stat. This product not only cleans but destroys bacteria.

Special Features:

Peel Power is a multipurpose cleaner and degreaser.

Has a biodegradable and environmentally safe formula and contains all natural citrus extracts.

Is non-corrosive and safe for all metals. Can be used on any type of ferrous or non-ferrous metals including aluminum, copper and brass.

Spreads a strong, clean and pleasant citrus odour.

Suggested Dilutions

Strong Mix10-20 oz. per gallon    2-4 tbsp per spray bottle    10-20% solution

General Use2 oz per gallon    1 tbsp per spray bottle (60ml)

Light Mix1 oz per gallon    1 tsp per spray bottle (30ml)

Mist Use1/2 oz per gallon    1/2 tsp per spray bottle (15ml)

Very Important: When diluting with water, always add product to water. When diluted product will turn white.

Suggested Uses and Applications:

All purpose cleaning: Extremely good product for cleaning walls. floors, appliances, woodwork, porcelain fixtures, whitewall tires, plastic upholstery, outdoor furniture, plastic and ceramic tiles, exhaust fans, machinery, printing presses, metal equipment, air conditioning vents and carpet spots. Dilute for the job to be done, spray on the surface to be cleaned and allow it to stand for 2-2 minutes and rinse with clear water.

Stain removal from concrete: Dilute 10 oz of Peel Power to gallon of water and spray directly on the satin. Allow 3-5 minutes to dissolve stain, agitate and rinse off.

Stains on fabric and clothing: Use the general use mixture in a spray bottle, pre-spot fabric. Then add 1-2 tablespoons to your wash cycle. (traditional washing machine only)

Kitchen, bathroom, counter and walls: Us the general use mixture in a spray bottle. Allow to sit for 3 minutes and wash off.

Toilet Bowl, tub, shower door, fixtures: Use the strong mixture. 

De-clog drains, clean grease traps: Use straight up in areas of this nature. First pour in then allow solution to sit. Pour in hot water. For grease traps use 5 tablespoons daily or as required for larger areas.

Windows, mirrors, chandeliers: Use the mist solution in a spray bottle. Wipe off with a soft cloth. If streaks appear, dilute solution a little more.

Special Application Areas:

 If you have hard water or rust in your water supply, use 1/2 tablespoon  in with the dishes to make them sparkle.

Any fibreglass use mist mixture only.


Mix  Peel Power (small amount) to regular hand cleaner to remove stains.

Spray mist mixture of Peel Power on tent or sleeping bag to deter mosquitoes.

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