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Ultra Fresh Fabric Softener - Regular

Ultra Fresh Fabric Softener - Regular

For beautiful soft results add 15-60ml (depending on the load size & softness desired) to the final rinse cycle of each wash load. Ultra Fresh is excellent for hand washing. Add 5-30ml to the final rinse. The high-efficiency machine does not have much water in there so if putting Ultra Fresh in the washing machine be sure to only use 5ml.

In the dryer:  Yes! Without the heavy waxes which are found in the more traditional fabric softeners you can spray Ultra Fresh onto a sponge or small cloth until slightly moist to the touch. I have found about 8 trigger sprays accomplishes what I want. Just spray the sponge/cloth next time it is used. About every few weeks I toss my sponges in the wash load of towels to refresh them.


Easy to use thickness makes measuring more easy.

Highly concentrated so you less, thus highly economic.

Fresh light scent provides a nice feeling and odour to fabric without being overpowering.

May be applied to a cloth and used in dryer.  This eliminates costly dryer sheets that contain harmful solvents.

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