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Stains Out

Stains Out works so well there is a very good chance even of getting stains out of fabric that has previously been through the washer and dryer. Just spray the fabric front side and back side and let sit about 10 minutes, toss into wash.

 Note: Do not spray directly on non colour fast fabric. i.e. blue jeans. If stains occur on non colour fast fabric pour Stains Out (2 tablespoon) in traditional washing machine and immerse the jeans into the water.  


Designed to remove most fresh stains such as grease, oil, tar, gunk, crayon marks, gum, shoe polish, lipstick and even fresh paint stains from both natural and synthetic clothes.

Specially effective against carbon paper and typewriter ribbon stains.

Does not leave any harmful residues on fabrics and clothes.

Made with Organic citrus solvent.  This makes it safer to use, gives it a greater grease-cutting power and is safe on the water system as well.

Fresh Orange scent makes it pleasant to work with.

Formulated to evaporate very slowly to allow sufficient time to totally dissolve greases, waxes and varnishes as long as several minutes after application.

Stains Out is economical.  Because of controlled evaporation, usually it removes stains with only one application.

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