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Nature Power All Purpose Cleaner


NATURE POWER is an all purpose cleaner/degreaser and biodegradable. Highly concentrated in nature. Made with citrus extract, Nature Power is great for cutting through tough dirt, grease and stains. Safe to use on walls, floors, counter tops, machinery, appliances and much more, this all purpose cleaner is your one stop shop to a clean and beautiful home.


NATURE POWER is great for cleaning grease, engines, whitewalls, driveway stains, smoke stains, etc. Also effective on a wider variety of soils than most cleaners because of the concentration. NATURE POWER is used on ovens, appliances, walls, floors, driveways, engine, car interiors and almost any hard surface. It is also extremely effective for removing bugs from the vehicles.


Super High Concentrate: Unlike everyday cleaners which work straight or 1:1 with water, NATURE POWER dilutes up to 150:1 with water.

Used for heavy, medium, and light duty tasks: Concentrated NATURE POWER allows it to be mixed in various ways for different types of soil.

Citrus deodorizing feature is an effective natural insect repellent for garbage areas.

HEAVY CLEANING: For grease, engines and whitewalls, dilute 50 ml/litre of water.

REGULAR CLEANING: For cleaning ovens and kitchens, dilute 10-15 ml/litre of water.

LIGHT CLEANING: For cleaning floors, walls, counter tops, car interiors, dilute 5-10 ml/litre of water.


NATURE POWER can be applied by spray, mop or wiping. It can also be applied with a garden sprayer or pressure washer for large jobs.

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