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Terge Liquid Laundry Detergent 


All Temperature, biodegradable, concentrated liquid laundry detergent

Terge is dye free, fragrant free and phosphate free. Excellent results in both traditional and high-efficiency washing machines. Absolutely no fillers, oils or petro chemical by-products that can trigger or irritate allergy or asthma episodes.

Terge can also be used for pre-spot removal (like on the collar or cuff) and hand fabric washing.



Terge is highly concentrated, therefore you use less. Very economical and cost-effective.

Terge is Phosphate Free and free of any fillers.

Terge can be easily diluted in a sink or tub for hand-washing of fabrics.

Terge can be applied as a pre spotter in diluted form to collar stains, blood, grease, food and make-up marks.

Terge has colour enhancers and fabric brighteners.

We hope this guide will assist you.

Size Traditional Machine H.E. Machine
500ml approx 20 uses approx 33 uses
1L approx 40 uses approx 66 uses
2L approx 80 uses approx 132 uses
4L approx 160 uses approx 264 uses
20L approx 800 uses approx 1333 uses


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