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Citric Acid Anhydrous USP/FCC


Derived from citrus fruit by fermentation of crude sugars.
Common in foods and cosmetics. Ph balancing, preservative and astringent . Used in bath preparations (bath fizzies), skin fresheners and creams.
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Coconut Oil Kokoheart


Replaces tallow in vegetable cold process soap making.
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Glycerine Vegetable


Occurs naturally in cold process soap.
A natural humectant when a high degree of humidity is present.
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Olive Oil Pomace Petrelli


Not Available at this time

Pomace Grade
Want to make a wonderful castille soap. Olive is all you need.
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Palm Oil, Solid


Bunge - Used in cold process soap making procedures.
Produces a nice hard bar when combined with coconut and olive oils.
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Sodium Hydroxide, Solid (Lye)


Caustic Soda Beads
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Stearic Acid


Triple Pressed
Used for soap making to create harder bars when using a soft soap recipe.
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