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Thank you for visiting our Gemstone Gift Gallery, always full of new and unexpected treasures...... Gifts, a natural choice at Soap Exchange Nanaimo...... We offer unique natural gifts that are beautiful and practical. Our nature-inspired products are useful and gorgeous such as the Marble Stoneware Bowls or the Marble Mortar & Pestle Sets...... We have inspirational gifts, gifts for a healthier mind, body and spirit and gifts that that will support meditation, self awareness and self healing...... Please enjoy your time as you browse through our gift photo galleries...... Our gift boutiques within our store are changing/evolving and growing all the time. Check back often for new pictures of new product arriving frequently.... We hope you enjoy this snap shot of our gifts and invite you to our store to see the real thing...... Should you have any questions about our gift ware you can reach us by telephone (250) 751-3329 or on line at admin@soapexchangenanaimo.ca

  • Wish Stones
    Wish Stones
  • Lepidolite, Calcite & More
    Lepidolite, Calcite & More
  • Tumbled Stones
    Tumbled Stones
  • Selinite Lamps & More
    Selinite Lamps & More
  • Himalayan Salt Lamps
    Himalayan Salt Lamps
  • Natural & Polished Himalayan Lamps
    Natural & Polished Himalayan Lamps
  • Amethyst
  • Tumbled Stones
    Tumbled Stones
  • Calcite Spheres
    Calcite Spheres
  • Marble Bowls,Candle Holders, Motar & Pestle
    Marble Bowls,Candle Holders, Motar & Pestle
  • Celestite Clusters
    Celestite Clusters
  • Rough Citrine Points
    Rough Citrine Points
  • Lepidolite Mica
    Lepidolite Mica
  • Clear Quartz Rough
    Clear Quartz Rough
  • Shungite Bracelet
    Shungite Bracelet
  • Shungite Pendants
    Shungite Pendants
  • Excavation Kit
    Excavation Kit
  • Discovery Geodes-Wack and Crack
    Discovery Geodes-Wack and Crack
  • Science Time-Crystal Growing Kit
    Science Time-Crystal Growing Kit
  • Amethyst Cluster Excavation Kit
    Amethyst Cluster Excavation Kit
  • Science Time-Electrical Maze
    Science Time-Electrical Maze
  • Science Time-Air Jet Rocket
    Science Time-Air Jet Rocket
  • Quartz-Green-Rose and White
    Quartz-Green-Rose and White
  • Magic Minerals
    Magic Minerals
  • Science Time-Volcanic Eruption
    Science Time-Volcanic Eruption
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