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Soap Making Lye Suggestions

Lye Suggestions







Soap making is not recommended for children as lye can pose potential hazards. Lye can cause significant burning, is fatal if swallowed and gives off noxious gas and can greatly irritate the lungs when combined with water. Work in well ventilated area. Always have a bottle of vinegar handy to neutralize the lye/water if it happens to splash on your skin.

Always wear rubber gloves and protective clothing, mask and goggles when working with lye.

Keep lid of lye bottle tightly closed as it reacts with moisture in the air and weakens the strength and cause it to form lumps.

Freshly made soap can burn and irritate the skin so when slicing freshly un-molded soap - be sure to wear protective gloves.

Rinse skin immediately with vinegar followed by a rinse with running water.

DO NOT use containers made of metals: tin, zinc and aluminum - lye reacts with them.

Recommended containers include plastic, stainless steel, and non-porous materials.


1) Measure the lye (sodium hydroxide) carefully. Use a good scale that weighs in oz and grams. A good kitchen shop should carry a good scale.

2) Weigh your distilled water and pour into heat proof glass jar or pyrex measuring cup.

3) Working in a well ventilated area, stir the water and slowly pour the lye granules into the water. The mixture will get quite hot.
Never reverse this process by adding the liquid to the lye. An eruption may occur with splattering and spitting and the risk of burning skin and eyes.

Be careful not to inhale the fumes and continue stirring until the lye is dissolved in the water and the lye/water mixture is clear.

Set the lye aside in a safe place away from children and pets.

TIP: Place measured water in your sink. Start stirring the water. While carefully pouring lye into water, once you have added the lye - while stirring constantly - duck down in front of sink. The fumes will rise above you and there is less risk of inhaling fumes.
Keep stirring until lye is dissolved (water will turn clear).

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