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Soap Making Equipment



Before You Start:

o Work in a well ventilated area.

o Protect your work space and counter tops with newspaper or old towels unless you plan to redo your counter tops.

o Keep some vinegar handy to neutralize the lye if it splashes your skin Always be cautious when working with lye.

Equipment Required:

o 1 large stainless steel mixing bowl or non-porous, heat proof bowl.

o 2 heat proof containers that hold 2 cups each (2 cup glass measure - Pyrex).

o 2 candy thermometers (one for the lye temperature, one for oil/fat temperature).

o Accurate scale to weigh ingredients (a good kitchen scale from a kitchen shop should suffice).

o Protective wear (long sleeved shirt, pants, shoes/slippers, rubber gloves, protective eye wear, protective mask).

o Desired soap molds, greased.

o Clock or timer

o Stainless steel mixing spoons

o Heatproof spatula

o Distilled water (at room temperature)

o Measured fats & oils

o Measured lye

o Desired colour, herbs & flowers, scent, etc.

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