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The Clean Up Club

The Soap Exchange Nanaimo Community Support Program

We believe in supporting local schools, sports teams, organizations and not for profit groups by giving a portion of the sale back to the group.

We help you raise funds for your group by returning 10% (in dollar value) of all purchases made by your members at The Soap Exchange Nanaimo.

Simply register your group with The Soap Exchange Nanaimo and tell your members about your new fund raising program. Encourage your members to tell friends and family and make each visit to The Soap Exchange Nanaimo profitable to your group.

All shoppers that identify themselves as supporters or members of your group will have their purchases included in your groups' account.

This hassle-free, no cost fundraiser allows groups to raise funds without pounding the pavement, absolutely no investment or up front cost whatsoever!

The minimum payout is $25.00. Cheques are sent out once a month.

It's a Win-Win Situation! Everyone purchases their Environmentally Friendly household cleaning products, natural bath and body products, gifts, etc. somewhere.

Encourage your members, friends and family to check out The Soap Exchange Nanaimo where your support is our support.

Registration is as easy as 1-2-3

When you come to the store to register your group we will require just a little information.

Now - Spread the Word!